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“Ched was our "go to” guy when for we needed an expert technical solution. He provided brilliant insight which allowed us to work efficiently with technical suppliers and also interfaced well when we needed to meet the challenges posed when new creative enterprises opened to us.”
- George O'Neill - Senior Vice President/ Founding Partner BVI, BVI Miami LLC/Manhattan Transfer, Miami

“Ched is a detail oriented engineer who watches expenses closely while maintaining the highest quality possible. Ched served way beyond the call in all areas and never once came up short. I recommend Ched highly for his work ethic, knowledge and ability to get the job done.”
- Carl Mims , Director, Reach FM

“I worked with and for Ched 8 years at Broadcast Video which became Manhattan Transfer. Ched is the Ultimate Director of Engineering/Chief Engineer, he designed, operated and maintained seven different operations at the peak and this included a studio and remote operations, 4 very modern post-production facilities, an audio recording and transcribing facility, and an on air music channel (none of these facilities were in just one building, everything about a half hour away without South Florida Traffic). Ched mastered all of the equipment that we used for Production & Post Production as an expert operator, just about any question on the gear or how to do a procedure could be answered by Ched, translating tech to operations language too. Many multicamera and single camera productions we teamed up, and Ched had a great support staff with fellow engineers. For good or bad, Ched worked very long hours and was always on, phone calls did not bother him and a pleasant answer or fix was in the process. The eight year cycle that I worked with Ched was in the timeframe just before and the introduction of HD, and Ched is famous for his maintenance and look of the Telecine devices throughout his stay (which was three times my stay). If you have any questions, I would be glad to speak about Ched. Art Nardin III”
- Art Nardin III , Production Manager; Operations Manager, Manhattan Transfer Miami / Broadcast Video / Broadcast Video Entertainment

“Ched was very helpful in setting up my insert stage with interfaces for live Broadcast Network program inserts. He is very cool under pressure and has an incredible range of knowledge in Broadcast Engineering. He is also very personable and genuinely a very nice guy (which is sometimes rare with engineers). I highly recommend Ched for any position within this field.”
- Irv Laskoe , Producer, Live Events, Broadcast Video, Inc.

"Ched Keiler is a consummate broadcast professional. I first worked with Ched at Coral Ridge Presbyterian church where he first volunteered and later became the chief engineer / director of engineering at WAFG FM, the broadcast arm of the church. Since those early days, I have followed Ched's impressive career. His professionalism, experience and skill set are impressive as is his quest for knowledge, certifications and endorsements in all areas of the broadcast industry. When I need an answer to a difficult engineering problem, Ched is always near the top of my list. I highly recommend Ched Keiler when you need some "broadcast engineering magic"."
- Bruce E. Braun, Producer, Executive Director of Technical Operations, Liberty University

“Ched does fine work at both the studios and transmitter sites. On several occasions I visited the HQ site and the place was well maintained and very clean.”
- Hal Kneller , Market Development Manager, Nautel Limited

“I worked with Ched for a number of years when he was the Vice President / Director of Engineering for Broadcast Video. I was always blown away by his in-depth level of knowledge for all things engineering. Whenever I encountered a problem or situation that I needed engineering assistance with Ched was able to put his finger on the problem and solve it almost instantly. If you're looking for someone who really understands how things work Ched is your man.”
- Steve Lack , Audio Mixer, Broadcast Video, Inc.

“Ched is very knowledgeable in the RF field. He has a great understanding of what is needed to perform installs and testing of RF installs.”
- Chuck Kelley , Owner, Kelley RF Service Inc.

“Ched, in addition to being a well-trained and seasoned engineer, is exceptionally well-versed in broadcast technologies, as well as most other technological pursuits. His significant cross-training offers him a unique perspective on problem solving. In short, if it needs to be done right and it just needs to work, you need Ched. Further, his experience and knowledge allow him to craft the ideal solution; importantly at the ideal price.”
- Jesse Ruggles , Production Manager, Reach FM

“I have worked with Ched in a vendor-customer relationship, and at the same time as a co-board member for the Society of Broadcast Engineers. I have found him to be a knowledgeable and professional broadcast engineer, and would recommend him without hesitation as a competent technical manager.”
- Gary Liebisch , Regional Sales Manager, Nautel

“I had the pleasure of working with Ched at PAX / ION Television (national), back in the early to mid ‘2000s. He is very patient and a splendid display of what a seasoned pro’s attitude should be like under demanding conditions. He helped me realize that just performing the job requirements was not enough, Ched actually took the time out of his busy schedule to show me “how” to do the job right. Those qualities have been ingrained in my work ethics ever since. I consider Ched, not only a former colleague and supervisor, but a trustworthy advisor.”
- Julian Ximenes , Video Editor, Paxson / ION Media Networks

“Ched is a capable engineer, understands the FCC rules and how to build and maintain a major network of FM facilities. He is hard working and creative. He is a quick learner. He knows the value of tools and how to use the right tool for the job, be it electronic or software."
- Robert Moore - Design engineer, HCJB Global (business partner)

“Ched is an outstanding technician, and a pleasure to work with.”
- William Briggs , Chief Engineer/Senior Video Engineer, Broadcast Video Incorporated.

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