As the lead principal for E Three, Mr. Ched Keiler provides leadership and guidance to other corporations and individuals on matters that involve the broadcast industry.

Mr. Keiler is a telecommunications executive who has been an active participant in the telecommunication community for more than 30 years. He has broad experience in all aspects of engineering, project and operations management with more than 25 years of managerial experience. He has direct experience with sales, contract negotiations, major project and engineering supervision, lease contracts, grant requests, multi-cast operations, quality control and staffing efficiencies. He has acted as a corporate consultant for DTV transitions, multicast issues, and other television and radio engineering issues. He has been involved in civil litigation as an expert witness for plaintiffs, defendants and the public at large. He also has an interest in the field of academics. E Three is a diverse media consulting company that is lead by Mr. Keiler.

Mr., Keiler holds a number of certifications and endorsements from various organizations. Some of these certifications and endorsements are:

  FCC General Class license with Radar Endorsement
  Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer
  Certified Senior Television Engineer
  Certified Senior Radio Engineer
  Certified Broadcast Network Engineer
  Certified Broadcast Network Technologist
  Cisco Certification - CCNA.
  Microsoft Certification - Azure.
  ATSC 3.0 (Next Gen) Endorsement.
  8VSB (ATSC) Endorsement.
  AVIXA - Infocomm International - CTS, CTS-D
  CCNT - CompTIA Network Certification
  Other Certifications and Accreditations

Mr. Keiler is currently an active member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. He has been associated with the Society of Broadcast Engineers for more than 20 years and involved in broadcasting for more than 35 years. He was elected and is serving on the National Board of Directors for the Society of Broadcast Engineers. He serves as a member of SBE Chapter 53 in Miami, Florida and also serves as Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer for Chapter 53. He has also been associated with Chapter 88 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Nationally, Mr. Keiler has served member of the EAS Committee for SBE.

Mr. Keiler is currently Chairman of the Government Relations Committee (GRC) for the Society of Broadcast Engineers for a number of terms. The GRC is responsible for all analyzing all initiatives and relations that the SBE takes with respects to all governmental agencies in the United States including Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The GRC direct goals are to protect the designation and capabilities of “Broadcast Engineers” from encroachment or abridgment by state and local governments; To protect the integrity of broadcaster access to frequencies designated as Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) and other frequency spectrum; To promote the maintenance or increase of technical expertise within the FCC and other governmental agencies to ensure that decision making by these entities are based on technical investigation, studies and evaluation rather than political expenditures; To pursue such other matters that are brought to the attention of the GRC by members, the board, or partners. Suggestions or comments about SBE's legislative program and the GRC may be addressed to the SBE National Office - .

In 2007, Mr. Keiler joined the National Translator Association where he is actively serving on the Board of Directors of that organization. In addition, he also serves on the Radio Board for NTA. The Radio Board is currently working on modifying Part 74 and other applicable parts of the Federal Communications Commission’s Rules and Regulations that would benefit the radio translator industry along with the entire broadcast industry. Mr. Keiler has also held an office position as Vice President of the origanization.

Mr. Keiler is also an active member of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers or AFCCE. AFCCE is a professional organization of individuals who regularly assist clients on technical issues before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The purpose of the Association is to aid and promote the proper federal administration and regulation of those engineering and technical phases of communications which are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, to uphold the honor and dignity of engineers before the Federal Communications Commission, and to provide for the mutual improvement and social intercourse of the members of the Association.

Mr. Keiler is active participant and member in the Sports Video Group origanization or SVG. SVG is a group of dedicated individuals that was formed to advance broadcasting within the sports industry. SVG actively develops and promotes standards that benefit the broadcast industry. They also actively support youth development for the broadcast industry.

Mr. Keiler is actively involved with the Advance Television Standards Committee or ATSC. ATSC has been tasked with the development, deployment, operation and maintenance of the next generation of television broadcasting equipment and television receiving devices for the broadcast industry worldwide. The next standard of broadcast television, ATSC3.0, will revolutionize the way viewers interact with broadcast television in the future.

Mr. Keiler is active participant and member in the National Radio Systems Committee or NRSC. The NRSC is jointly sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Its purpose is to study and make recommendations for technical standards that relate to radio broadcasting and the reception of radio broadcast signals. The NRSC is a vehicle by which broadcasters and receiver manufacturers can work together towards solutions to common problems in radio broadcast systems.

Mr. Keiler also held employment as Director of Engineering for Reach Communications in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Reach Communication's owns and operates a network of broadcast facilities throughout Florida and southeastern Georgia. Mr. Keiler was responsible for the supervision of the design, construction and operation of these broadcast and production facilities along with supervision of employees and contractors. As of 2012, Reach Communications held more than 50 broadcast licenses with the Federal Communications Commission. In addition to the facilities mentioned above, Reach Communications operates radio facilities that reach more than 7 million people.

While at Ion Media Networks and Paxson Communications, Mr. Keiler was the Director of Engineering for Production and Post-production. He was in charge of all engineering related to production and the post-production facilities which were used by the entire network nationwide. He oversaw the growth of a multi-million dollar capital and operating budget. He was also responsible for redesigning the broadcast facilities to create a faster work flow and bringing them to a state of the art tapeless work flow.

While at Manhattan Transfer and Broadcast Video in Miami, Mr. Keiler was named Vice President of Engineering for both of these organizations. He was responsible for the growth of these companies into major production and post-production facilities that serviced clients throughout the entire United States and the world. Manhattan Transfer and Broadcast Video grew to have more than 300 employees with multiple engineering teams. Both companies had network play out systems that serviced more than 80 million people in South America.

Mr. Keiler has played a significant role in the leadership of the companies and organizations that he has been associated with. His professional career extends to all areas of the broadcast field. He has been involved in production, post-production and transmission from every angle. He has a wide and diverse knowledge of the industry both inside and outside of the broadcast world.

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