E Three provides a broad range of engineering services related to the broadcast industry. Please select the field of interest on the left to view some of the fields of services that we provide.

Design Services

We can provide complete studio facility design, transmitter plant design. We offer complete acoustical design and construction services. We have designed equipment to service customized needs.

Complete FCC Engineering and Analysis

E Three can provide complete FCC applications with engineering analysis. In addition, we can provide detail frequency and site searches and analysis. We can compute compliance to OET 65 and other standards.

System Analysis

E Three can provide complete system design. From concept to finished construction, our engineers are specifically trained in the latest technology which aids them in analyzing and constructing complete systems.

Frequency Analysis

E Three can provide the required professional skill to perform analysis of systems and prevent interference between systems that are co-located in close proximity. To aid in prevention of interference, E Three utilizes a number of analysis algorithms that can predict sideband noise and/or intermodulation problems before they occur. This analysis guides us in our decisions of how to prevent the problems utilizing the most efficient techniques.

Broadcast Production Services

E Three can provided complete broadcast production services. We have provided remote production facilities for major network broadcasters. Whether your needs are a single camera, to state of the art full service multi-camera mobile production units, to non-linear editing systems, we can supply and service your needs.

LPFM and Translators

E Three can provide complete design, installation and service to LPFM and Translators systems. For more information click here.


E Three can provide design, installation and service to cable networks and master antenna systems.


E Three can provide design, installation and service to your telecommunications and 2 way radio networks.

Product Design and Development

We can provide complete hardware and software design and development. You can see examples by clicking the product tab to the left or here.

Web and Internet

E Three has provided custom designed web site with customization and integration of databases and specialized software.

Site Management

E Three can provide complete broadcast site management.


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