E Three can provides a broad range of engineering services related to product development.. Below is an example of custom design hardware and software products.

Broadcast Products

STL (Studio to Transmitter Link and Reverse) Interface

The STL Interface was custom design to solve the needs of broadcasters to transport audio to and from locations, typically between the studio and transmitter. This application was designed to be robust and economical in operation. It features high quality, data efficient codecs a long with extensive diagnostics.

Telecine Interface

The Telecine Interface was a custom design broadcast product that interfaces to most telecin broadcast equipment. It involved the design of custom hardware (some shown above) with custom software all of which operated from a conventional PC. The product allowed the operator to embedded film keycode information and other information into video that could later be used by a negative cutter to edit the film or in the online transfer environment to simulate and reproduce special effects such as speed manipulations.

Memory Expansion

This product was used to expand the memory within a third party original equipment manufacturer's product. As shown, this product involved extensive surface mount work. The expansion of the memory allowed the extension of the life of original product saving the customer tens of thousands of dollars.

Other Printed Circuit Boards

Ethree has produced a number of other hardware and software products that have benefited customers with significant savings and enhancements. Please feel free to contact us to see how we might be able to help you.


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